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The War Stories Anthology Interview with the editors and publisher

An interview about the War Stories anthology currently on Kickstarter and what exactly Military Science Fiction means. Like most subgenres, you’ve probably already read plenty of it, you just don’t realize it.

the Little Red Reviewer

Something especially interesting was kicking around the twittersphere last week. Something about a new military science fiction anthology edited by the very talented Jaym Gates and Andrew Liptak, and published by Apex Publishing.   you know how sometimes you catch something out of the corner of your eye, and you just have to see what it is, you just have to learn more? The War Stories Anthology is that thing.  And what better way to learn about it than by chatting up the editors and the publisher?

Not sure if a military scifi anthology is for you? Chances are you’re already reading Military Science Fiction, you just don’t know it. Enjoy Ender’s Game? How about Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga? How about Max Brooks’ World War Z? Dune by Frank Herbert? John Scalzi?  Ever play Mass Effect? or Halo?  see? you’re already a fan!


Jaym and Andrew have already talked extensively…

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War Is Hell

My gift for terrible puns finally came in handy recently. I won a copy of World War Z last week by tweeting zombie-related versions of famous book titles for Read It Forward’s #UndeadLit contest and the book just arrived today. Check out the hashtag if you want to see some of the titles people came up with. My personal favorite was “A Farewell to Arms and Legs”.

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