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Banned Books Week 2015

Hey, all. It’s that time of year again. Banned Books Week! Earlier this month I was interviewed about Banned Books Week and banned books in general by the good folks at Fabulously Feminist. It’s a pretty in-depth interview and Callie asked great questions, so go check it out. If you don’t feel like hanging on my every word, feel free to scroll down and read the list of ways you, yes you, can get involved with Banned Books Week. Read More…


Stickin’ It to the Ban

Greetings readers, new and old. I’d like to thank you all for dropping in on us and getting involved in Banned Books Week, to whatever extent and in whatever way you did. BBW is a yearly event, not just to celebrate banned and challenged books and the freedom to read, but to draw attention to the fact that, yes, this is still happening. Here. In the US. In your state. In our schools and libraries and sometimes our legislatures. Read More…


Today marks the first day of Banned Books Week, an annual event meant to draw attention to book challenges/removals/bans and other censorship or intellectual freedom issues. This year the event, which runs from September 21-27, will focus specifically on comic books/graphic novels. I’ve already written extensively about the unique history and issues involved in comic book censorship on this blog, so I thought I’d offer a round-up of the highlights, as well as Banned Books Week resources and ideas on how you can get involved. It’s also frequently challenged horror author Stephen King’s birthday today, so let’s hear it for banned horror, banned comics, and the twice-damned banned horror comics! Long may ye remain in our libraries. Read More…

Here Ye, Fear Ye #2

If you missed the last “Here Ye, Fear Ye”, it is a new feature on the bog where I’ll share stories and articles about censorship, intellectual freedom, or other related issues. Sometimes I stumble across awesome stories or cool info but don’t necessarily have the time to make a full post of each one, or don’t have enough to say beyond just “Read the article! It’s interesting and can say it all better!” This is a place for those stories. All caught up now? Good. Here’s the second installment. Read More…

Hear Ye, Fear Ye #1

I frequently set aside articles or topics that relate to banned books or other censorship issues that I find or am sent by friends, but a lot of the time I never get around to writing a post about them or can’t think of enough to say (or worry I’ll sound all preachy and alarmist if I do). Then I see all of these interesting stories abandoned in e-mails or FB messages and feel guilty. Thus, I have decided to add a recurring feature to this blog. It’ll be a bit of a censorship round-up, though by no means exhaustive, so please don’t get upset if I don’t mention a censorship issue that seems more important. These are just the stories, big or small, that I encounter and want to share. Without further ado, here are a few censorship stories to kick us off. Read More…

Captain Underpants Sent to Principal’s Office



THE DEFENDANT: Captain Underpants (series), Dav Pilkey

THE VERDICT: Captain Underpants topped the ALA’s Top Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books List for two years running, claiming the title in 2012 and 2013. The series also came in at #8 in 2005, #4 in 2004, and #6 in 2002.

THE CHARGES: According to the ALA, Captain Underpants has been challenged for “offensive language”, “violence”, and being “unsuited to age group“, as well as “sexually explicit” and “anti-family content”.

Read More…

Free Comic Book Day

Don’t have plans yet this weekend? Saturday, May 3rd is Free Comic Book Day, a day dedicated to comics, encouraging comic book readership, and getting the next generation of fans and readers involved. For more information, check out the official Free Comic Book Day website. Many comic book retailers have special events planned, so check out what’s going on at your local store. If you don’t have a friendly neighborhood comic book store you frequent, you can use the store locator to find one. Last week marked the 60th anniversary of the US Senate putting comic books on trial, a case that would lead to the Comics Code Authority and the near collapse of the industry, so what better time to get back in the comic book store and reclaim your freedom to read.