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Black History Month: Characters We Should See More Of – Part III

Nightwing17 concludes his Black History Month superhero coverage. You can find the rest of it on either his blog or mine. Go check it out.

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tumblr_myi7fzNeZj1rlu163o1_500 It’s Black History Month here in the United States and with that in mind, I thought I’d do something to celebrate black characters in comics.

There are probably lots of best black superhero lists out there, but I don’t know that it’s terribly useful for one fallible comic reader to try to rank the diverse and varied black characters of comics (and I admit that the white part of me is not entirely sure that numbering African-Americans is the best way to celebrate the month). Instead I thought I would write up a list of black characters who aren’t being utilized as well as I think they deserve. Whether they’re minor characters who could be more or veritable icons who have lost their spark; whether they’re struggling to find their voice or simply not getting the screen-time they deserve, here’s my list of black comic characters who we should be…

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