Black History Month: Characters We Should See More Of – Honorable Mentions.

Hey, readers. I know I just reblogged something else from Nightwing17, but hey! How am I supposed to say no to Elisa Maza of Gargoyles AND Tia and Zari of Supurbia? If you don’t know who these awesome ladies are, let Nightwing17 introduce you.

Reviews by Lantern's Light

black_history_month_superhero_by_anoma_lee-d5tsb7b It’s February, and that means that it’s Black History Month here in the United States. Whether you’re excited about it, indifferent to it, or upset by it, Black History Month is valuable as a time set aside to remember the impact that people of African descent have had on history, hopefully a supplement to their presence during the rest of the year.

With that in mind, I thought I’d do something to celebrate black characters in comics. There are probably lots of best black superhero lists out there, but I don’t know that it’s terribly useful for one fallible comic reader to try to rank the diverse and varied black characters of comics (and I admit that the white part of me is not entirely sure that numbering African-Americans is the best way to celebrate the month). Instead I thought I would write up a list of black characters who…

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