Avast, Matey! Cap’n Slappy Talks About Reading on “Talk Like A Pirate Day”

A belated Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day! This memory, of reading a book one had been discouraged from attempting, seemed right up Banned Books Week’s alley. The amount of books banned for being “unsuited to age group” is staggering and oftentimes children are kept from something like Anne Frank or Zlata’s Diary out of concern that they are too young for its darkness or won’t entirely understand it. The same goes for classics deemed too complex for children or YA novels parents often naively feel their teens aren’t ready for. Sometimes we need to trust kids and teens to know what they’re ready for or mature enough to handle. They just might surprise you.


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About boundandgaggedbooks

Shannon is a freelance writer and folklore buff. She has a degree from Hampshire College in Creative Writing/Mythology & Religion, with an emphasis on epic/oral traditions, their anthropological implications, and their modern counterparts. Her work can be found in Fabulously Feminist, Wolf Wariors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology, The Concord Monitor, Redhead Magazine, and The Climax.

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