Sex, Drugs, and Television

Let’s talk about sex.

And by sex I mean censorship in Thailand. It seems the show Hormones (a sort of Thai equivalent to the UK’s Skins) is attracting large audiences, as well controversy and the ire of Thailand’s censors. You can read more about the praise and the anxiety surrounding Hormones here.

We haven’t talked much about television on this blog, but it has faced its own share of censorship, from China censoring Desperate Housewives to Utah refusing to air The New Normal to the inconsistent rules over what can or can’t be shown or said on network television, as satirized in this glorious video.

Television and movies are often subject to much more rigid censors than books, but somehow they don’t get an awareness week or posters. One wonders why this might be.


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Shannon is a freelance writer and folklore buff. She has a degree from Hampshire College in Creative Writing/Mythology & Religion, with an emphasis on epic/oral traditions, their anthropological implications, and their modern counterparts. Her work can be found in Fabulously Feminist, Wolf Wariors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology, The Concord Monitor, Redhead Magazine, and The Climax.

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