Woman of Steel, Script of Tissue

I came across this article and thought I’d share. It’s a compelling argument as to why making female characters “strong” is a problem, not a solution. I couldn’t agree more.


As the article says, “Nowadays the princesses all know kung fu, and yet they’re still the same princesses. They’re still love interests, still the one girl in a team of five boys, and they’re all kind of the same. They march on screen, punch someone to show how they don’t take no shit, throw around a couple of one-liners or forcibly kiss someone because getting consent is for wimps, and then with ladylike discretion they back out of the narrative’s way.”

As I’ve said before, the key is diversity. Female characters are so hard because they represent all women. Their strengths are an endorsement of female competence, their faults an indictment of all women. When there is more than just one female character on the team whose personality is “Girl” or even “Badass Lady”, then female characters are freer to have different strengths, weaknesses, and expressions of their gender.

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