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Since Maureen Johnson’s coverflip book challenge thrust the gendered nature of book covers (particularly YA covers, but no genre is without sin) into the spotlight, there has been a great deal of discussion on the matter. Marketing books to women as though 51% of the global population were some niche market is bad enough, but, as I’ve said on this blog before, “girl covers” for books by women or featuring female protagonists tend to be both condescending and wholly unrelated to the book’s content.

It’s as though “girl books” take place in a magical pink universe full of feet, dandelions, and cheesecake close-ups, regardless of whether the book is about the pressures of high school, trauma and its aftermath, or WWII. This discussion comes on the heels of a seemingly clandestine effort to remove female authors from the American Novelists page on Wikipedia. They’re not authors, they’re Lady Authors. They need a special lady page full of unicorns and pillow fights.

Anyway, Alison Croggon, author of my favorite epic fantasy series, has added her voice to the conversation. You can read her take here:

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