I’m Not Dead Yet

I spoke previously about dead and lesser spoken languages in my post Dead Tongues Tell No Tales. Those interested in reading more on minority languages, their attempts to make a come back, and the legal/social struggles therein may find this article illuminating.


I hope you all had a good Easter, Ostara, or Passover. I’ll be posting a follow-up review of The Da Vinci Code movie adaptation sometime this week. As always, thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing. May the Bard be with you.


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About boundandgaggedbooks

Shannon is a freelance writer and folklore buff. She has a degree from Hampshire College in Creative Writing/Mythology & Religion, with an emphasis on epic/oral traditions, their anthropological implications, and their modern counterparts. Her work can be found in Fabulously Feminist, Wolf Wariors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology, The Concord Monitor, Redhead Magazine, and The Climax.

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