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An interesting article on George R. R. Martin, Banned Books Week, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Please read and enjoy. I wonder why it is that comics and graphic novels always seem to be singled out for attack, even more than regular books are. Discuss?

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Shannon is a freelance writer and folklore buff. She has a degree from Hampshire College in Creative Writing/Mythology & Religion, with an emphasis on epic/oral traditions, their anthropological implications, and their modern counterparts. Her work can be found in Fabulously Feminist, Wolf Wariors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology, The Concord Monitor, Redhead Magazine, and The Climax.

3 responses to “Graphic Content”

  1. bandaloopdeloop says :

    In a wierd twist, I read (meaning skimmed) “The Ten-Cent Plague” on the first day of Banned Books Week. The associations of graphic media with low-class people and children are particularly hard for some to get over.

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