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Name names. Add to the list.

So, I’ll be starting things off with a review of John Green’s Looking For Alaska, which I’ll hopefully have up within the week. It’s the last book I read and it also just so happens to be banned/contested for its sexual content.

Teen sex wasn’t a problem when my freshman English class read Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, but I guess my teacher was just that cool. He did once do a dramatic reading of a rather naughty courtly poem so perhaps my school was edgier than I gave it credit for. Read More…


Brave New World

Greetings, wayward internet travelers, procrastinators, bibliophiles, blogseekers, and wordpress junkies. I have been toying with the idea of creating a blog on banned books for quite some time. However, the recent death of Ray Bradbury (On my birthday no less. That was just cruel, Mr. Bradbury.) has spurred me to finally make this a reality. Read More…